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smtp-problem in xslt webpublishing

Question asked by magafk_1 on Sep 24, 2009
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smtp-problem in xslt webpublishing

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At a client of ours, we don't run network services, we have a problem to send e-mail through a new smtp-server.

FMS is split in two. One with webpublishing engine and webserver on dmz and the databaseserver on intranet.

It works fine with the present smtp-server (it is available from webserver, but not from databaseserver).

Now the will close down that smtp-server and want us to change to a new, but it doesn't work.


We can send emails from the webserver using the new smtp-server via telnet but not via webpages when the server is updated in the fms-console.


I suppose it is network related, but anyone have a clue where I should tell network-guys to start looking for a solution to this?