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Snow Leopard SERVER and FM 11 Adv Srv  - has anyone done this?

Question asked by BrettAllan on Aug 12, 2010
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Snow Leopard SERVER and FM 11 Adv Srv  - has anyone done this?

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Has anyone setup FM Server 11 Advanced on Snow Leopard SERVER? (Not standard OSX client!). Everything in the FM Server documentation refers to OSX (standard operating system), and as anyone knows wo runs the server version of OSX is done completely different! The steps and dialogues are not the same! Can anyone talk me through the steps of setting up FM server adv and getting the blasted web publishing system to work? I was told to upgrade to FM advanced as you need to know about website setup for the standard server product , so we upgraded... after installing yet another fresh OS and FM server adv software install, we cannot get web publishing working - it keep stating web server not configured during its test! It's configured out of the box with Snow Leopard Server - so I don't know what the issue is... FileMaker, can you write a guide for installing your product on the OSX Server product? YOu say it is compatible on the site - but where is the guide? Any help - happily received.