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So I've installed Filemaker Server (Trial) and now what...

Question asked by ahcho on Feb 14, 2012
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So I've installed Filemaker Server (Trial) and now what...

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So I'm continuing my journey on learning Filemaker and decided to take a stab at FileMaker Server. I'm using the latest version of the trial and it is running on OS X Lion Server.

I've installed the software and ran through the tests (everything looks ok) and the overview has my at green dots for everything. Now how do I load my own databases into FMS so that I can view it on the web. I understand that FMS will automatically host everything in the /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Databases folder but I don't see my DB in in the IWP homepage.

Now I'm guessing that's because the database hasn't been IWP enabled (based on the screenie attached) so my question do I enable IWP for my database?