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Sometimes can't see Databases hosted by FM Server 9

Question asked by Eldomir on Sep 1, 2009
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Sometimes can't see Databases hosted by FM Server 9

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This is one strange problem, because it's not consistent. I'm hosting a DB using FM server 9.01.140, and clients connect using FM Pro 9.0v3. Clients run Win XP, server runs on Windows Server 2003.


When clients try to open a remote file, they can always see the server IP fine. When they click on it, sometimes they will see the hosted Database (and then they can connect to it fine). Sometimes, though, they will not see any available DBs on the server, and trying to put the full fmnet:/IP/filename won't work either. When this happens, it usually doesn't fix itself until some time has passed (a few minutes, usually)... and then, the file is there again, accessible as before.


I am aware of the SSL issue, but am not using SSL. Windows Server 2003 doesn't even have the Firewall going right now, but no luck. On the client side (Kaspersky Antivirus provides the firewall there), the firewall might be running and the client will connect fine, or not. And if it doesn't, disabling the firewall usually doesn't solve the issue either.


Since it seems like waiting is necessary, it feels to me as if the connection is still alive on one end, so another one cannot be established. But the Server Admin Console doesn't show the client as connected, so I can't disconnect it (if this "ghost connection" is, indeed, the issue). And rebooting the client machine sometimes solves the problem... but sometimes not, which makes me think it might be just the waiting.


Like I said, it's a little daunting because of the inconsistency of the problem, but of all the solutions tried, the one that seems to solve the problem most often --but not always-- is going to the Server machine and restarting the Filemaker windows service.


I know this is not a lot of info, but if you think anything else might help identify the problem, I'll be more than glad to dump logs on you or whatever you deem useful. Thanks in advance!