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Speed Server - file maker

Question asked by dinora on Jun 22, 2011


Speed Server - file maker

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I have been using filemaker for 3 years now -  We have a website where the filemaker database feeds information to it. 

I am currenty hosting the fm database with an outside provider -  Here is my issue,

Ideally I would like to work on the server copy all the time so that information is always live on the web.  I work on the database all day long as the database serves also to produce invoices and back end office tool.  When I am working on the database live it takes between 2-5 seconds to update records and navigate from one layout to another.

It is not my internet speed as I don't have any issues with other programs but I do have it with FM live.

I have tried different Hosting companies and the speed is still a problem

I have overcomed this problem by keepin a local copy of the FM database and working of my local copy then every so often updating the server copy off my local copy.  However this is not ideal as the web information is always not up to date.

Two Questions

1.- Is there a way I can have my local copy synchronize with my server copy on a nightly basis.


2.- Do you think If I was to purchase an FM server and host the database in my office - Would this solve my speed problem?

3.- Is FM Server difficult to set up?  I am computer literate but not a programmer.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations