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SQL Viewer for FileMaker JDBC

Question asked by RoyMcmorran on Nov 15, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2010 by RoyMcmorran


SQL Viewer for FileMaker JDBC

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Can anyone recommend a "SQL viewer" program that would allow me to test queries to FileMaker (Server 11 Advanced) via JDBC?

I've tried a few on the list at (eg. Squirrel SQL Client, iSQL Viewer, Henplus) but have had no success so far.

Just wondering if anyone had a favorite they've used successfully.



    • IwaoAVE!

      I am using Squirrel SQL against FMSA 11.
      It works with older versions as well.

      All I did was 1) registered JDBC driver 'fmjdbc.jar' and 2) created an alias for the FMSA.

      • RoyMcmorran

        Hi Iwao,

        Indeed Squirrel does work! 

        I gave up on it too soon when I couldn't work out how to register the driver.  Knowing that it worked for you I gave it another shot and was successful.