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SSL Certificate Error w/ FMS14

Question asked by MichaelP_1 on Aug 4, 2015
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SSL Certificate Error w/ FMS14

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We have a GoDaddy SSL cert for our FMS14 domain name.  I have attempted to install via the Import Certificate button.  I have the public cert and the private key both converted to PEM.  However, when attempting to install I get a message:


"Certificate could not be imported: /Library/FileMaker Server/Database Server/bin/fmsadmin: This certificate [/Library/FileMaker Server/Admin/admin-master-tomcat/bin/../temp/7420144592172688412/OurPublicCert.pem ] does not match the key file [/Volumes/Primary FM Server/Library/FileMaker Server/CStore/serverKey.pem].  Error: -1 (Internal Error)"

Does anyone know if I need to manually modify the serverKey.pem key or if this is handled by the import functionality (and thus the error is related to the cert and key I'm trying to input as opposed to a config error)?  I'm not sure how to proceed.