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SSL Secure Connections and Windows XP

Question asked by JavierCarrasco on Aug 17, 2013


SSL Secure Connections and Windows XP

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     When we activate de "Secure Connections (SSL)" in Filemaker Server, every client machine still see and open the files on the server (Open Remote), everyone but the Windows XP machines, so we have to turn it off, but we still need the "Secure Connections" . The clients that connect without problems are Mac Lion's, Mountain Lion's and Windows 7.

     Anyone with this problem too? I searched "XP SSL Filemaker" but there's only one hit that may help, but is another question in this formun and without an answer. We need "Secure connections (SSL)" with Windows XP client machines too.

     Help plz!



     SERVER: Filemaker Server Advanced 12.04.405 Mac Lion 10.7.4

     CLIENT (With the problem) : Filemaker Pro Advanced 12v4 XP SP3