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Starting Over - Server Config

Question asked by tannerellen on Dec 3, 2009
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Starting Over - Server Config

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I am at my wits end with Filemaker Server Advanced 10.  I have posted an issue multiple times about the filemaker service crashing about once a week every week when a scheduled script runs.  It is a script that runs every half an hour and usually works great so I don't believe it is related to the script.  I have also disabled the script schedule so it doesn't run at all and in about the length of time of the filemaker crash usually occurring filemaker server would stop accepting new connections at all.  


So something is definitely not working right, I have formatted and re-installed everything multiple times. Still have the same problem.


Here is my question:

I am going to start from scratch again.  I am on an Oct Core Mac Pro with 8GB of ram.  I am running a 4 hard drive raid 10 setup with a seperate hard drive for the OS.  I am using MacOS 10.5 (not server).  


What version of the OS should I install? 10.5.4, 10.5.6, etc...  Should I upgrade to 10.6?

Do I need to update Java?  Which version of Java should I be running?  How do I check the version?


There has to be people that their filemaker server runs rock solid right?  This doesn't happen to everyone does it? 


I just need this to work reliably for once and have been un-able to make that a reality as of yet.  Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.