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Stop a server scheduled script that is hung up

Question asked by alternapop on Jul 27, 2015
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Stop a server scheduled script that is hung up

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We're running FMPS 13v9 on Windows 2008 and a scheduled script tends to get hung up every few weeks.  Usually it's the "daily" backup script but sometimes it's one of the other Scheduled Scripts.  I know I can shutdown the FMP engine and reboot the server but is there a safe way to stop a script from running and restart just the script engine?

For example, I have a script that at times will finish but the FMPS status still shows it as "Running". If I close the db where this script resides, it'll eventually close the db and disconnect all users, including the hung server user.  However under Schedules, the status still shows "Running". How can I stop this so that it'll run at the next scheduled time?

Is there a way to stop the script from within the hosted database?