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stopping fms12.04 on OSX 10.8

Question asked by DericEllerby_1 on Sep 16, 2013
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stopping fms12.04 on OSX 10.8

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     Trying to set up CWP on a Mac Mini running FMS12.04 but need to shut down FMS12.04 to run IWP with FMPro 12 standard.

     Clicked on both  the FMS stop buttons and then quitted FMS then started FMPro12 but just get "another version of FMPro or FMS is running" message. Subsequently can open the database with FMPro but cannot share with IWP .

     What am I doing wrong?  - my only working solution at the moment is to uninstall FMS12, do the work with FMPro and then re-install FMS12.

     Is there no way to run FMS12 and FMPro12 alternately on the same machine?

     Why does stopping FMS12 not "free" the Mac?

     Thank you for any assistance.