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      Store files on server

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      Dear Friends,

         I have a question, if I will start using filemaker server can I adjust my scripts to save, for example, PDFs and create directories on my server, but not on a client's machines? 

         I have both macs and windows machines in my company and both inside of my network and people working in the "fields". And I'm so tired of finding solution to store files on server via different disc mounting and etc. If I buy server - can I avoid it and set scripts to store localy? thank you.

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          You'll need to set up a shared directory on the server to which all users have at least "read" access. And yes, they'll need to mount and connect to the shared directory with the same file path for each user--which can be a challenge when you have both mac and windows client machines.

          It's either that or you store physical copies of the files in your containers instead of store by reference.