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Storing a global number with Server

Question asked by MichaelHarding on Aug 2, 2013
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Storing a global number with Server

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     I am trying to come up with a solid way to generate a sequential number that updates on the start of a new fiscal year.

     Currenlty, I have a Jobs database that generates a new sequential number for every new job file a staff member opens.  For example, 12-255.  The Job number field is just a calculation joining two other felds:

     Job_Number_1 -the first two digits (12) is the fiscal year - it is a global field

     Job_Number_2 -  the last three numbers  are an auto-generating serial number starting from 001

     I wrote a script that will check the current date and recognize the first day of our fiscal year.   The idea is to change the two fileds so that the next job file open will get the job number 13-001.  The script ran on schedule and the second part of this number was successfully changed.   Job_Number_2 was set back to 001.  However the global field Job_Number_1 did not advance to 13 as I had hoped.  I now understand how global fileds behave across a server, so I get why this won't work.   My question is, what is the best way to accomplish this?

     I am using Filemaker Pro Advanced 11 and Filemaker Server Advanced 11

     Thank you