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Struggling to get a report to show in IWP

Question asked by JamesGrubic on Feb 29, 2012
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Struggling to get a report to show in IWP

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I have a sub-summary report on a layout that is fine on Filemaker Client and on Filemaker Go.

However, in Instant Web Publishing it just shows as a blank white page underneath the header.

I have the following script run when the layout is selected:

Enter Browse Mode []
Go to Layout ["Test Report 2"]
Show All Records
Sort Records [Restore ; No Dialog]
View As [View As List]

I'd like to continue with fine-tuning my existing report and start building some new ones but I do need to get this working on IWP. Am I missing something obvious? The main question mark I have revolves around the search results, which seem to show 1-25 in the IWP header.