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SuperContainer 2.896 on port 80 problem with fms 13.0v2

Question asked by NicolayFlaaten on May 12, 2014
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SuperContainer 2.896 on port 80 problem with fms 13.0v2

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     I have a new Macpro with latest osx 10.9.2. I have a clean install with Filemaker Server 13.0v2 and  deployed with all the default websettings (php, WebDirect, odbc, xml). Then I rund the SuperContainer MacServer application to install the server and make it available on port 80. (alternative 2:

     After a restart of the mac, I look at http://localhost/SuperContainer/ but it is not running. I have also got problems with the Filemaker webserver, and I get a error if I try to run the deployment again, cannot acces the webserver on port 80.

     Is there a issue with java with this version? SuperContainer needs java version 51 or something,.

     I have now reinstalled the server again, but without success. What am I doing wrong, or is it som issues with SuperContainer and the latest version of filemaker server?

     Regards Nicolay