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suppress writing of messages to the log file?

Question asked by luis_1 on Nov 9, 2010
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suppress writing of messages to the log file?

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Hi all,

Is there a way to selectively prevent error messages from being written to the log files? I don't want 401 errors (No records match the request) to be logged. I have serveral scripts where I do something like the code snippet at the bottom of this message, that generate the 401 entries in the log file. The service provider where I run my application claims that I produce a lot of these errors and this causes the server to crash. I doubt this is the cause of the crashes, but I would still like to avoid generating the errors if possible so I don't have to enter into an argument with my provider. Also, because this is a shared server, logging cannot be turned off altogether.

Thanks a lot,



Set Error Capture [On]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field[X; lookup_val]

Perform Find[]

If [Get(FoundCount) > 0]

<do something>

End If