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    Sychronizing Database with 3rd party software



      Sychronizing Database with 3rd party software

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      I am contemplating using PresStore P4 Synchronize to sync my hosted database to another computer so that, in case of a failure at one location, my employees can still connect at an alternate location.  Would this process cause any harm to the database?   I know that you don't want to back up a live database without using  FM Server.   This process would be a clone rather than a backup.

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          As long as the software backs up a closed copy of your database, it should work ok. One way to do that is to save a backup on your server via a scheduled backup and then your 3rd party software can back up the backup file. Since the schedule insists on naming the folder that holds the backed up files to include the date and time, set your 3rd party back up software to back up the folder that encloses this backup folder so that you don't have to adapt for changing folder names.