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    Symantec Enndpoint protection



      Symantec Enndpoint protection

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      We have a 64 bit Windows server 2003 SP2 with Symantec Enndpoint protection running.  When I intstall the FMP Webserver, it repoints the PHP environment variable from the symantec path.  Also , it also causes my Symantec admin console (service) to stop as we all as causes my defaultappPool to stop.  Nither will restart until I uninstall theFMP webserver and repoint all my variables.  I ahve even had to reintstall Symantec and IIS


      This server has a three tera-byte Intel array, 8 gig of ram and dual Xeon processors.


      Any help would be appreciated.



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          Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


          We do not recommend using Filemaker Pro on Windows Server 2003 in 64-bit mode.


          Also, if you remove Symantec Endpoint, does FileMaker Server install and run correctly?  If so, then try adding Endpoint after that.  There very well could be an incompatibility problem with FileMaker Pro and Symantec Endpoint.



          FileMaker, Inc.