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    Syncing FileMaker Servers



      Syncing FileMaker Servers

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      I just ran into an undocumented limitation of FileMaker Server which is confirmed by FM tech support as a limitation. It cannot run scripts that rely on databases not hosted on the same machine that is running the script. This eliminates using FMS to sync a local and remote database.


      If you are syncing two servers how are you doing it?

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          Hello Sean,

          I have the same necessity.

          Did you solve that?


          Anyone solved it?



          (sorry for my bad english

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            Didn't know this back in February, but have sinced learned the work around.


            Set up a "robot" Filemaker Pro file with a script set in file options that runs when the file is opened. Define an account and password that matches an account and password in your hosted File(s) and specify these in File Options also.


            Your script might look like this:


            Perform Script [Specify script in hosted file that you want to run]

            Exit Application


            Use the Windows Scheduler to open the robot file at a specified time. (Theres one or two Mac options for doing this also.)


            Since your robot file connects as a client, the server side script limitations do not apply.


            One caveat here: If the script in your hosted file should include a bug that traps the script in an infinite loop, the robot file will kick off the script and then close--leaving you with no way to interrupt the script except to use server admin to close and re-open the file. (And the fact that the script is still running may not be obvious either.)