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Syncing FM Go 12 tables to FM Server 12

Question asked by SR_1 on Dec 5, 2013
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Syncing FM Go 12 tables to FM Server 12

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     I'm using a FileMaker Server 12 to host my FileMaker database. I want to sync data from several clients which are
     using FM Go 12. The Server is running on a public IP adress and our FM Go Clients usually do not have Internet access
     on the road. They individually make changes to data in their databases, and they often update data that is unique among
     them (everyone got their own customers, they don't inference with another). In our office there is also someone who is
     able to manage the database in case something goes wrong.


     I've had a Raspberry Pi with a PostgreSQL database using ODBC running and could sync data to the FM Go 12 Clients
     but could not sync data BACK to the server database. I'm now looking how to do that with FM Server 12.


     I've found in the KnowledgeBase a article about Database syncing - an overview of approaches but doesn't seem to help in any way?!


     The only solution I can think of in the moment is exporting the tables from the FM Go 12 Client to a shared network drive
     and importing these files from a Script running on the Server.


     Is there any way to synchronize records in a table from a FM Go 12 Client to a FM Server 12?


     Thanks a lot,