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System Level Script Schedule not working - aborted by user

Question asked by tineo on Feb 14, 2011
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System Level Script Schedule not working - aborted by user

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Running two servers (Mac OS X 10.6.4 and 10.6.6 Server) one with FMS 10 and one with FMS 11 - both up-to-date.

Trying to create a schedule to execute a shell script (very simple test script for now, just doing "touch test.txt").

It starts the schedule and seems to try to execute the script, then the log shows "aborted by user" and after verification the script has not run. In FMS 11 I specified to execute the script by a user with admin priviledges. In FMS 10 there's no option to execute the script as such or such user. The script has execute permissions and runs fine from a console.

Log shows:

Schedule "test" running

Schedule "test" has started system script "" with process ID 1322 using account "serveradmin".

Schedule "test" aborted; aborted by user.

Schedule "test" end date has passed, schedule disabled

So i'm getting the same problem on both servers. Anyone can help ?

Thanks in advance,

Cedric Tineo