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    System Script always runs under "SYSTEM" instead of user account



      System Script always runs under "SYSTEM" instead of user account

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      Hi.  I'm running FileMaker Server 14.0.1 on Windows 2008 R2.  Whenever I schedule a system script to run, and I enable the "Use a user account rather than the default account" option, and I specify the user account credentials, the script always runs under the default "System" account.  I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.  Has anyone else experienced this under FileMaker Server 14?

      To duplicate the problem, create UserTest.bat with the following lines and schedule it to run under a user account:
           CD \Scripts
           ECHO %Username% > UserTest.log
           ECHO %UserDomain% >> UserTest.log
           ECHO %UserDNSDomain% >> UserTest.log

      The script above assumes that the C:\Scripts\ folder exists on the server.  Change the folder as appropriate for your system.

      When I schedule this script to run as a system script within FMS under either a local Windows account or a domain account (for example: Domain\User1), I get the following results within the C:\Scripts\UserTest.log file:
           NT AUTHORITY
           ECHO is on.

      Instead, I should get the following results:


      I've tried the following account formats to no avail:


      On a side note, it appears that FMS 14 no longer provides a "Validate" button (like FMS 11.x or 12.x) to test the account credentials, or at least I'm not seeing one as I'm scheduling the job via the admin console.

      Does anyone have any suggestions?