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    Table view not showing in Web publishing



      Table view not showing in Web publishing

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           I have FileMaker Pro Server and have my database successfully published through its WebDirect feature; however, when I log in with a Web client, I cannot go to Table view in any of my databases. Table view is perfectly accessible in FMP13 client, but not in the Web view. Is there something I'm missing?

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               Christopher Kessler:


               Thank you for the post. 


               Please review page 14 of the FileMaker® 13 WebDirect Guide


               "Although FileMaker WebDirect is very similar to FileMaker Pro, it does not have all the features of a FileMaker Pro network client."


               "FileMaker WebDirect does not support Table View. Script steps or script step options that change the view to Table View are not supported. If a layout’s default view is Table View, the layout displays in a different view. If no other views are enabled, the layout displays in List View."



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