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    Temporary switch from server to desktop - how?



      Temporary switch from server to desktop - how?

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      I need to take the server running FM Server Advanced v11 offline for a few days but still want our users to be able to access the database with at least one being able to update it. What's the best way to do this? Once the server is available again do I just uploade the database onto the server and that's it?

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          Shane Cunnane:

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          You can move the database to a client machine and either have that one cilent edit it locally or host it through FileMaker Pro to up to 9 simultaneous users. To host it to your users through FileMaker Pro, you'll need to enable FileMaker Network Sharing through File -> Sharing -> FileMaker Network Sharing.

          Once your server is back up, you can open the admin console and use it to upload the databases to the server. If you'd like, you can even open the admin console on the client machine to perfom the upload as long as the required ports are open on the server (16000, 16001 and 16004).

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