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Test custom php error and Accessing a Database

Question asked by Rich1 on Jun 6, 2009
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Test custom php error and Accessing a Database

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Forgive my newbie status and please help me understand what to do next please?


I have installed the fm server trial product because I want to see if it will help me run my business. It has installed ok. It is here:

If I click on the technology tests I get an error with the test php custom web publishing. How do I fix this please?


Also I uploaded the sample business pack and in the fm console I can see the databases are loaded but I don't know how to access them from the web side of things. Do I need to upload a particular type of database for the server things to work. Or am I just missing some settings. In the manual it says open the database and go to file menu - sharing - instant web publishing. But I don't know how to open the database. It says it is open in the console but I can't see a file option.


My other worry is that if I do that surely that means it is open for all to see. How do I stop that please?