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The FM apache is no longer working...

Question asked by cuitw_1 on Jan 20, 2014
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The FM apache is no longer working...

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     Dear All,


     I am having a problem that the apache of FileMaker stopped working. A few days ago I decided to merge my web server and FileMaker server so I got a new Mac mini and install FileMaker Server. It asked me if I would like to diable website during installation, and I did. After installation I moved all the files from the web root of my web server to HTTPServer/htdocs in the FM directory and uploaded all the FM files to the FM server. Everything worked just great and the CWP files ran even faster than before.


     Today I had to move the machine so I shut it down and start it up again. To my surprise, after the restart web pages are being loaded from WebServer/Documents again! My files (especially the PHP) are not compatible with the Mac OS PHP version. I cannot just move the files to the Mac OS web root. The FM apache is not supposed to be stopped working... What can I do...


     Please help me! My customers already started complaining... Any help will be greatly appreciated!