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The server doesn't serve a database

Question asked by bagheraa on Jul 1, 2013
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The server doesn't serve a database

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     I have a big database (about 1.4 Gb) that was converted from version 11 to 12, and holds images and documents.

     I'm trying to upload it to the FileMaker 12 Server advance using the server admin console, but the console has a problem (we don't know what) and crashes allways after a minute or so, so it is impossible to upload it this way. So I have copied manually the database to the data/databases server directory. 

     Now the database appears on the console (but with a black semi circle, not a complete black circle).

     The problem is that when I go to FileMaker 12 client and try to open it remotely, the name of the database doesn't appear on the remote machine database list. But if I put the database name manually on the name field, I can open it a use it.

     But when I connect it as an external source from another database, it is impossible to get the contextual menu for the new reccord images.

     Can anyone help me? Why does the server admin console allways crashes after one minute? Why the database does not appear on the databse list of the server on a remote open? Why it does not appear the contextual menu for the images of the database when connecting it as an external source? Are all those things related?

     Thanks in advance.