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    This copy is allready in use error



      This copy is allready in use error

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      Hi all,


      I have Fm server 10.0v3 advanced and three FM clients running and about 15 PC's connecting thru webpublishing.


      Often we get the error "this copy is allready in use [guest] Serverhostname ClientIP" dialog on Filemaker workstations.

      The clientIP is always a webclient and webclients do NOT have Filemaker installed. All three Filemaker clients have a unique license number.

      After about 30-60 minutes Filemaker users can logon again.


      Help? Anyone a suggestion?

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          Hello, sometimes when you are using both wireless and ethernet (wired) networks on the same machine, or with more than one network having

          FM databases available, filemaker "understand" the same license is in two differtent computers, because one computer is capable of having 2 IP addresses

          simultaneously. To solve this, try to use only wireless or only ethernet cable access to your filemaker databases. Hope this issue is solve in future versions.


          Hope this helps.


          Mauricio Montekio 

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            Hi Mauricio ,


            Thanks for the reply. Al the client PC's involved have only one wired network adapter and no wireless adapters.

            I forgot to metion that the server is a win2003 server + SP2 and the clients are WinXP +Sp3.


            The PC's where the server is refering to do not have Filemaker Installed they only use win explorer 7 to access the Filemaker server.


            Any more suggestions?

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              Only one more:


              Have your computers to have a specific IP set manulally, if your network router (configured to)  is assigning dynamic IP (DHCP) addresses to your computers,

              randomly your computers are getting different and similar IP addresses once in while, so, one computer get the same IP other computer had a few minutes ago if the computer was shutdown and on again will get a diferent IP mostly depending on the order the computers were powered on, and so on. Havin fixed, manually assigned IP´s will keep the same IP always in the same computer, this may solve the problem. This requires the network administrator to be put to work but is no such a big deal is always better for all purposes to have fixed IPs, is suppose Filemaker checks if each of the IP´s corresponds to the MAC address (this is a fixed hardware number that identifies the computer too, sometimes if is a separate board, the network ethernet adapter has a MAC address of its own).


              Hope this help again.


              Mauricio Montekio (Mexico)



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                NOS IT:


                Thank you for your posts. 


                The answers provided by "mmontekioscreen" are excellent (Thank you!).


                Also, is that the exact error message (except for server name and IP address)?  If not, could you post it here?  You may also want to take a look at the access.log file for more clues.



                FileMaker, Inc. 

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                  Hi All ,


                  Thanks all for your reply. Yes this is the excact error message. The error has not occured for the last few weeks and the IP adresses of all FM clients have been the same during the same period. With some caution we can conclude that it was indeed a change of IP adress causing this error.


                  thanks again.