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Thumbnail Generation Crashes

Question asked by bigtom on Dec 10, 2014
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Thumbnail Generation Crashes

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There seems to be a number of people still experiencing this and support from Filemaker for this has been fairly unhelpful thus far in producing an actual fix. My crashes were gone for about a month and then three in one day along with one crash causing OSX to frag the USB backup drives (not a FM problem, but why all the crashes).

I am hoping to gather all the random topics on this problem and get them in one place so this might get fixed faster. If you are having this crash problem bring it here so FM understand how many people are affected and hopefully this can get fixed ASAP. This has been going for nearly six months without and real solution.

Report can be found at:

There may be more but the search function here is not the best.

It should be noted that I am running with Thumbnail Generation set to Permanent Storage and still getting these crashes.