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total NOOB question

Question asked by TimJohnston on Sep 30, 2010
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total NOOB question

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OK guys, sorry for the noob question: I'm in one of those offices that's running and relying on a really old FMP system, and I have little idea how to use it, although I'm somewhat computer savvy.

Filemaker Server 7.0v1 ... running on a G4 on 10.3.9

Right now, we can only access the databases over our local network. Is there any way to give access (and allow simultaneous editing of databases) to our contractors that don't work in the building?

We do have a separate FTP server here (that's more up-to-date) that could run a service (like LDAP or something if necessary), but I don't really know what that is or how to get it up and running.

Is there anything simple I can do, or are we totally SOL here?

Any help appreciated! Thanks!