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Trouble with external authentication.

Question asked by donjuancarlos_1 on Jun 24, 2009
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Trouble with external authentication.

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I have FM10 SA runing on Vista business SP1.  I have enabled external authentication for the server.  My settings are:


Directory Server Address: [IP address of the domain controller]

Port: 389

Directory Entry Point:  dc=[mydomainname],

Windows Authentication is enabled

Login Type: Login using guest account


When I test Directory Service settings, I get "Directory Service settings test was successful."


Publish Filemaker Server is selected.


On the Security tab, "Filemaker and external server accounts" is selected.

The File display filter is set to show all databases.

Secure connections are not enabled.


On my domain controller, I have a group created that matches the settings in each of the files on the serverFM10 SA.



My problem:  The server does not appear in the "Open remote" dialog box under "Hosts listed by LDAP"


The settings (when I click the Specify button) are the IP address of the domain controller, LDAP port of 389, and Use Windows authentication logging in as current user. 



I went through the white pages for external authentication on the Filemaker website, applied the patch where I had to copy the two files,  and checked Help.  It seems to be some issue with the FM10 AS computer and the domain controller not communicating properly.  I'm stuck. What would my next step be?