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Trouble with old PHP solution

Question asked by joelande on Aug 31, 2012


Trouble with old PHP solution

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I have a FileMaker Server Advanced solution which end users access via a web browser using PHP.

After upgrading from v11 to v12, the solution stopped working — I couodn't log into the database through a web browser.

I inherited the system, and am not a PHP person, so I don't really know what to do.


I assumed it stopped working because the name of the database changed (the extension changed).

So I went through all of the PHP files and did a search and replace for the database file name and updated it, and I was able to login through the web browser, but it still isn't working correctly.

After authenticating, the database should list all of the user's records, but it is not.

Also, when I do a search it isn't finding all of the records. Searches that should return dozens of records are only returning one result back. A blank search returns only 37 records and there should be hundreds


Then I noticed this line in the PHP file:

define('FM_DATA_SOURCE_TYPE', 'FMPro7');


Could that be the issue?