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Troubleshoot File Sharing through open ports

Question asked by JeanAnneMayhall on Mar 17, 2013


Troubleshoot File Sharing through open ports

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     I HOPE someone can help with this:

     FM Server 11
     Windows 7 Pro
     Typical set up on LAN works perfectly, all clients functioning by remotely accessing the FM Server through that machine's IP address.
     The machine running FM Server is actually a desktop running high speed mirrored hard drives.
     We have seven users.
     Windows Firewall is off.
     No anti virus software on the 'Server' machine.

     I am working with an FM consultant running an FM client at another location.  He needs access to two of my files.

     All necessary ports have been opened for TCP and UDP at my end - sending outside users to the correct local IP.

     My outside user can see all ports open.  However when he enters our static IP, colon, and a port, he has no access as a client.  He tells me that 'his client cannot access the Server's files and that the server is not responding."

     I feel that everything is set up correctly at my end.  The only thing that might be wrong are certain setting within FM Server 11 itself?  My consultant needs to work with my files and then set up a PHP custom application for us.

     Can anyone help with a solution here, or at least tell me at which end the problem may lie?

     Thank you.