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    Two Databases



      Two Databases

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      I'm running FileMaker 8.0 on my server. I have to databases on the server. When I go to open a file, why is it that I can see all the files from the two databases?

      How can I block the files the user from one datatbase, from the files from the second database?


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             Do you mean tables? If so then this can be controlled under Accounts and Privileges.
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               Actually I have two departments using the same server. So I want one department just to see their files and not the others.
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              Ok. Could you please clarify what you define as file vs db?


              In FileMaker each file is its own database. Under each of those db, you can have multiple tables.


              IF you would like to control which db files they can see in the open remote,  this too can be controlled under accounts and privs ( extended privs fmapp ) or under File --> Sharing --> FileMaker Network

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                Sorry about that. Yes when I refered to the file, I meant db. I just want for each department to see there own db files.

                I tried your suggestion, but I can't seem to find that in the console. I'm using a French version.

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                     They are under the File Menu. You will need to create the two privilege sets in either both files or one in each one. Then turn on network access to the file for that privilege set.