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Two installations of Filemaker Server

Question asked by JonathanOxborrow on Feb 11, 2015
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Two installations of Filemaker Server

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So I had filemaker Server installed on my computer, but I wanted to make a new installation so I reinstalled in.  Unfortunately this didn't delete/uninstall the old version.  I was able to get the new one to work, but I was just updating the new one and had to close the databases in the process.  Now I can't restart any of them and the log says:

"Another copy of Filemaker Server (server info) is already running with this license. This copy of Filemaker Server will not open any databases, but will allowupdating the license key in the Admin Console."

I'm not sure where in the admin console I can update the key or how to find and delete the old copy of Server.  Any help would be great.