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Unable to access or publish files after reboot

Question asked by KenHannan on Jul 14, 2011
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Unable to access or publish files after reboot

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Strange problem, after a reboot of our Filemaker Server, some, but not all, files are inaccessible via the web.

We are running Filemaker Advanced Server 11, and Filemaker Pro 11 and have been for over a year with no issues.  Issue started after a reboot and Windows update.

Instead of the file opening, you get a log in dialog page, but even after specifying the correct admin account & password, control returns immediately to the Instant Web Publishing homepage.  Strangely, this only occurs for some files, and not others.  The files are consistent according to the most recent backup logs.

Opening up the file in Filemaker Pro -> Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing, all of the options under "Instant Web Publishing access to file" are grayed out.  

What can I do to troubleshoot and resolve this problem ?