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Unable to access webdirect: page 404

Question asked by agnesmagendie on Jun 17, 2015
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Unable to access webdirect: page 404

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We encounter an issue accessing the webdirect after installing filemaker 13 and 14.

We get the following error message:

  • Page 404
  • Server error in application fmwbsite

To install file maker, we  have used windows 2008 R2.


The file maker technical support has first advised us to deactivate the antinvirs software, but the solution has not worked out. They have afterwards, suggested to uninstall the software antivurs to avoid any conflicts with preformance’s applications install on the computer.

Knowing that we have deactivated the antivirus, we would like to know if it is really necessary to uninstall it.

Would it be also possible to provide us with any advises and suggestions? Something we may have forgotten to check….

Thx in advance for your help