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Unable to contact local database via console

Question asked by AdamMark on Dec 18, 2014
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Unable to contact local database via console

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After watching my second-to-last G5 tower melt down, I have decided to move my FMPro Server installation from a similar G5 tower running Mac OS X 10.5.8 to a Mac mini (2.26GHz C2D) running 10.6.8. Since this computer servers other purposes, I thought it would simplest to: Install a fresh 10.6.8 on the mini, install the required 10.0.2(?) version of FMPro server 10 that was required for 10.6, run Migration Assistant from a clone of the live G5 drive to bring over users and environment. The test (for now) mini has a different name and IP that the live server. My current stumbling block is that the console on that computer still points to the live installation on the G5. I cannot figure out how to disconnect it from there and point it at the local set of database files. Entering any variation on http://localhost:16000 in Safari has it tell me it can't find localhost, or 127.0.01, or whatever variation I use. That could be stumbling block #2.


Advice? Thanks.