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Unable to Create site Using PHP or XML Site Assist

Question asked by sombrero81 on Mar 5, 2010
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Unable to Create site Using PHP or XML Site Assist

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I recently installed FileMaker Server 9 on a Windows 2003 Standard box. I have about 15 accounting databases loaded.They are all accessed by a few people who use FileMaker Pro  to open Remote.  Iam trying to create a page assessible via a webpage to allow me to do inventory tracking. I am using the Asset Managment sample file from the Smart Solution and have enabled i hope everything. I copied the file to the database folder and when I do to the PHP Site assistant I create a new site, Click on COnnect to connect to my Database and then I am able to select one of the databases from the list.

After I select it and I click on the Open database button Nothing happen. No error no wait just nothing.


If i do the XML site assist I get an error at this point saying the database cannot be open.


I know I have Filemaker Server 9 where I can't do IWP, I need Advanced for that. But I woudl like to have the page be a website that i can access when putting in the IP address of the server