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Unable to launch admin console

Question asked by toedeloe on Dec 30, 2008
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Unable to launch admin console

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I have a complete irresponsive admin console. I am on Mac OS 10.5 and just underwent the Java 6 update 2 which ruined the admin console. I did the 9.03 update as recommended, no solution. I then reinstalled Mac OS to go back to Java 5.0, but no solution here. When I click the admin console whatever that is downloaded, it tells me it cannot launch the application.


What do I need to do to restart this application, we have critical databases running on it, and I would like to have a solution that is bullet proof.


As a side-thought: for me it is extremely worrying one needs to access an server application by a third party solution that is prone to changes, unsupported by Filemaker, in fact it is beyond comprehension !!! Maybe Filemaker may think about having its own console, that has been tested thoroughly, or at least a normal application access, you know, an application icon that launches the application you paid for ...


Txs for your help