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Unable to open database

Question asked by BrendanMcGowan on May 5, 2011
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Unable to open database

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We are migrating from a Macintosh environment to a Windows environment and after copying over the database to the new server (Windows Server 2008 x64 Standard) it shows up in the Admin Console under the Databases option, but when I right-click and chose "Open"... nothing happens.

I have tried the same process with the "Sample" database and it will open & close with no problem.  I have verified that the permissions on both files are the same as well.

I'm thinking that the file is either corrupt or because it was copied from a Mac system, that that is causing some incompatability.  I'm going to try having the Mac system admin make a backup, copy it to my Windows system, and try to restore it.

Thoughts & suggestions would be greatly appreciated!