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Unable to open databases with IWP

Question asked by GalenHarrison on Mar 8, 2011
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Unable to open databases with IWP

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I've installed Server 10 Advanced on a redeployed Mac G5 XServe to replace our Server 7 Advanced on a G4 tower. The installation went fine, IWP testing was good and I can access the FMServer_Sample database just fine with IWP.

I then uploaded the 5 databases from the old G4 that I'm currently sharing through IWP to the Server 10 Advanced installation. I can see all of the databases in the root IWP web page but when I click on them they do not open and do not ask for login credentials like it should. Hovering over the link shows what looks like the correct URL to access the database.

I've tried all morning and afternoon to figure out what the missing piece may be but have been unsuccessful. Any ideas?