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unable to run Server Start page in FMSA 10 or 11

Question asked by jeromewee on Apr 23, 2010


unable to run Server Start page in FMSA 10 or 11

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(FMSA 10 or 11, Win Svr 2003 R2 SP2)




I just uninstalled FMSA 10 and tried to install FMSA 11 but FM11 Server Start Page returns:


HTTP Status 500 -

FileMaker Server has encountered an error:
The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

If the Server Launch Page is not available, visit the FileMaker Website for more assistance.


I have un-installed and re-installed FMSA 11 several times and it keeps giving the above message so I tried re-installation FMSA 10 instead but the FM10 Server Start Page status bar just keeps running and nothing happens.


I also tried launching http://server_ip_addr:16000 but get the same HTTP Status 500 message as above now.


Any ideas how to resolve this? Thanks