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    Unable to see Containers



      Unable to see Containers

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           I moved my FM database from a workstation to the server and it is functioning just fine, except for one thing.  I can't get the containers to show their contents.  I get the following:

           I blanked out my IP Address, but something is just not working.  Help?

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               I just figured out that the problem only happens when I have it set on "interactive" content on the layout (PDF, MP3, etc).  Does that help? 

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                 The storage options specified for the field and how you inserted the file are more likely to be the cause of the issue.

                 Is external storage specified for the field?

                 Or were fields inserted with the "store a reference option" selected?

                 Where these movie files inserted with the Insert QuickTime option?

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                   These are just PDF files, but some are more than a page long, so I want to use the interactive content.  I am not using external storage at this time - just moved it to the server (instead of the shared DB) and it was working fine on the latter.  O am not sure what the "store a reference option" is about.  Again, it seems to work OK as long as it is not the interactive format.

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                     Did you use Insert PDF to insert the file?

                     When you select an Insert option such as Insert PDF or Insert File, there's a check box in the dialog box: "Store Only a Reference to the File."

                     If you select this option, FileMaker does not insert (embed) a copy of the file in the container field, it inserts the file path to the file. When you move the database from your work station to the computer that will host the file, that file path is no longer valid and FileMaker will be unable to find the file in order to display it's contents in the interactive container field. If this is the cause of this problem, you'll need to either re-insert the file now that the database is hosted or update the fie path stored in the container field.

                     When hosting a file over a network, external storage is usually the best option to use as it greatly simplifies the process of making the files accessible to all clients of the database without needing to embed the file or share directories by mapping/mounting them in identical fashion on each client computer--which can be a real problem if you have both mac and windows systems that need to access these files.

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                       To insert PDF files we simply drag and drop into the field.  We've had no trouble doing it that way up until now.

                       I've been using external storage up until recently, but changed over to the other option as it made it easier to change over to the server.  We are having some trouble with migration.  I suspect this is a web publishing problem, as we are having problems in that realm on the server (I can't get web publishing working, but am working to solve that problem). 

                       When I export the content of the container field, it does the entire PDF.  When we have the PDF in the non-interactive mode it just shows page 1 (which is a pain in the neck).  I am planning on converting files to external storage once I figure this all out.

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                         Drag and Drop embeds the file but is the equivalent of Insert Picture, not Insert PDF. I must assume that you are using Macs as this doesn't work in Windows.

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                           One of our computers is windows.  Has not been a problem on this, though (until now). 

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                             I've tested this one before on my windows machine. If I drag and drop a PDF file onto a non-interactive container field, I get an icon for the file in the container field. If I drag and drop a PDF file onto an interactive container field, I get an error message.