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    Understanding Server....



      Understanding Server....

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      I have watched the "what's new in FMP 12" video, but it has no useful information on what's involved to actually set up a Server or Server Advanced version of the product.

      My questions, just off the top of my head, include:

      1. Do I need to buy a separate box (mac mini, for example) for the FMP server software?

      2. Do I need to punch a hole in my firewall to allow external requests to get to the FMP server or do they happen on Port 80 (or what)?

      3. What are the settings I need?

      4. How difficult is all this to set up?

      I understand there's an FMP Server white paper, but white papers, at least in my experience, tend to still be at one level too general for what you really need to implement something.

      I'm sure once you get everything setup, FMP will shine. With Server, however, I'm not sure how to get there or how to really connect "Go" clients. Resources like books that have infromation on this are scarce to say the least.

      Thanks in advance for any info.


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          My experience:

          1.  If you just want to run an isolated solution, you might not need a separate box.  Just a license for every machine that will be using the solution.  For instant web publishing you might need one of these machines that are turned on as long the users require it.

          2. They happen by default on port 80... if FMP server is on the firewall... open the port for external access, if not, route the port to the proper machine.

          3.  See techspec on the web page for the server.  If you want to accomplish external access, you will need static IP from your ISP, a router and your machine has to have access to it.

          4.  Nothing is easy or hard... just how you know alters this scale.  Depending on the layout and your reach, this is from easy to medium in difficulty.


          I personally like the idea of virtual machines, you set them up, and one machine that is on all the time has several different OS running simultaneuosly each with its own end.

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            I guess my later posting is more to the point. Using "Go" on an iPad, for example. What happens if there's no 3G connection at a particular location (happens all the time)? Does that mean there's no fallback to use the server FMP application?

            If no 3G means no server connection and no FMP app on the iPad, then based on my current understanding, the whole server idea doesn't make much sense for remote clients and would really be better inside a building or organization via their intranet.

            Thus, again, with no 3G connection, you'd have to set up a manual transfer of the database via email.

            Not so great, eh?

            I'm not sure better solutions exist, however.


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