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Unexpected Error 8003:2

Question asked by mtolman_1 on Sep 25, 2014
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Unexpected Error 8003:2

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I get this error message from the FileMaker Server, and then the FileMaker clients connected to that server become unresponsive.  Only option is to restart the filemaker server (on the admin console on the server can't kick out the clients or close the databases, and can't do so from the fmsadmin commands at the command line - don't get any errors from those processes, the databases just don't close and the client connections don't drop out).  Windows also can't stop the filemaker service, so ends up being a hard reboot (painful).  Have encountered this about 4 times off and on over the past couple of months.  Server is Windows 2012 Server with FileMaker 13.0v2.  Clients are a mix of FM12 and FM13 (soon they will all be FM13).   

FileMaker Server 13.0v2 on FMServer01 reported the following event:

2014-09-25 13:39:43.374 -0600    Error    784    FMServer01    Pause of "DataFile" failed; unexpected error. (8003:2)


Anyone else seen this before? any ideas?  I did see an old notice that said way back in version 11 of server there was a v5 updater that fixed an issue of "Addressed an issue where Database Server stopped responding after logging an 8003 error during a backup while clients were performing write operations."  That issue sounds exactly like what I am seeing since this has always occurred while a backup routine was running on the server.