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    Uninstall FileMaker Pro 10 server



      Uninstall FileMaker Pro 10 server

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      I have a problem.  When I try to load the admin program for FileMaker Pro 10 server, I get the message "Admin Server Connection Error", unknown error.  I want to stop FileMaker Pro 10 server, uninstall it, and install FileMaker Pro 11 server.  I don't know how to stop it and/or uninstall it without being able to load the admin program.


      Can someone help me?





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          Which OS is your server machine running on?


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            My experiences are based purely on Win2k3 and 2k8 standard, so ymmv, but...


            Heh, purely from experience, don't bother trying.  If you've followed Filemaker's requirements of the server supporting no other services, just blow away the server and start afresh.  Instlling a new version of 10 over 10 caused massive problems, and the same with upping 10 to 11.  Problems mainly having to do with the Admin Console.


            I spent no less than 20 hours mucking about with trying to figure out how to fix things before just reinstalling and starting anew, which took about 3 hours.  If you have the resources, once the server is built, but BEFORE you install any third party software, do an image of the server so if something hoses again, you can reload the image in 10 minutes, as opposed to even a 3 hour build.



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              Err.. I meant to say -

              formatting and starting anew

              - not -

              reinstalling and starting anew.


              I ended up formatting the server and reinstalling the OS.