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    Uninstall FM Server 11



      Uninstall FM Server 11

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           I am installng FMS12  I went to uninstall FMS 11 with the installer ,when I did that the installer wouldn't run because "You have a newer version installed". This is because of an update done at some point. So the installer is for an older version. The update was done from a dowloaded update not an installer


           How Do I uninstall FMS 11 without the proper installer?

           On Mac Xserve running Snow leopard server.

           Any help will be great. I need to get this done by monday morning.




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               Thank you for the post. 

               Chapter 5 of the FileMaker Server 12 Getting Started Guide is titled "Upgrading or moving an existing installation." 

               The guide suggests to use the original installer to uninstall; however, it sounds like that's what is not working. 

               If you stop the FileMaker processes in Activity Monitor, trash the entire FileMaker Server folder located at /Library/FileMaker Server and restart the computer, then that should also uninstall the program. Please make sure to first back up any databases, schedules, and groups as trashing the entire folder will remove those. 

               For more information on the location of the databases, backups, schedules, and groups see page 56 of the FileMaker Server 12 Getting Started Guide.


               FileMaker, Inc.

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                 i figured that would work but since the documentation says what it says I wanted to make sure there wasn't something special the uninstaller did.