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    Uninstalling FMS 10



      Uninstalling FMS 10

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      I uninstalled FMS 10 from one machine so I could install it on a different machine in the same LAN.  I successfully uninstalled FMS using the Windows Programs control panel, but FMS10-Admin Console and FMS10-APPLICATIONSERV remain on the installed programmes list.  I've attempted to uninstall them, but I receive the error "Cannot completely uninstall application."  I could simply delete the associated folders in the Program Files directory and the registry entries, but I'd rather not manually manipulate the registry (dangerous in Windows Vista).  How can I uninstall these two FMS utilities from Windows?

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          restart the windows machine then look at system control services.

          %SystemRoot%\system32\services.msc /s



          is the service "Filemaker Server 9" (or 10) still running or not? *NOT* running and NOT in the list? That´s good.


          To remove fms10 from the programs control you can use the "Windows Installer Clean Up", you can get it at ...


          (maybe there is a english description too, i dont know)


          After done this, you can delete the Filemaker Servers Directory. But ensure you have backed up your data files before.



          greetings from germany



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            I checked the services control utility, and no FileMaker services (except for Bonjour, if that counts) are installed anymore.  But the FMS10-Admin Console and FMS10-APPLICATIONSERV applications still appear in the installed programs control panel.  I used the Windows Installer Clean-Up utility, and neither of these applications appear in that utility's list, so I cannot remove them that way, either.  Trying to uninstall them using the Windows Programs control panel still results in the error "Cannot completely uninstall application."  I deleted the FileMaker Server program folder, so that can't be causing anything.  I'm out of ideas...


            Edit: I just thought of something.  FileMaker Pro 8.5 is also installed on this machine.  Could that be causing this issue?