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Uninstalling server 10 without an installation disc

Question asked by FilmUser on Dec 21, 2012


Uninstalling server 10 without an installation disc

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     I am helping a non-profit group install a donor and contact database to be shared on a small network of 15 - 20 people. Filemaker sold them a downloaded copy of Server 10 a few years ago at non-profit prices.

     It was prematurely installed on a Mac G5 (PPC) running 10.5.8 (but the database was never imported or deployed). They now have a newer G5, same configuration, that they would like to install it on. I did this, but it sees the earlier installation on the other computer and will not allow launching of the console.

     I used the original installation dmg to attempt uninstallation, but can't find an UNinstall option. After satisfying the licensing agreement buttons, the last one is "continue", which launches immediately into the installer.

     How can I uninstall Server 10 from the computer?